What do I do?

Isabel_vanArkel smallI am an associate professor of population biology at the University of Amsterdam, at the Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics

Work-life balance, gender balance; we strive for balance, but how do we get there? Can and should there be balance? As an academic, parent and partner, the issue of balance is frequently on my mind. On my blog here I share some of these reflections.


In my work, my Dynamite dynamic logo smallDynaMite team and I focus on how ecological and evolutionary processes interact to determine the fluctuations of populations, with a strong focus on reproductive and dispersal polyphenisms. To develop and test our hypotheses my group and I use laboratory experiments on mites, statistical analysis of field data from species ranging from amphipods to Eleonora’s falcon and manta rays, and the construction, analysis and application of mathematical models. I also write a blog on research results.
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