About me

cropped-isabel-smallegange-2019.jpgI am an associate professor of population biology at the University of Amsterdam, at the Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics

 My research team consists of a diverse group of biologists that are interested in range of topics that include behavioural ecology, eco-evolutionary dynamics, life history theory, energy budget theory,  demography and the conservation of marine coastal species. My research aims at developing a mechanistic framework to link ecology and evolution on the basis of the processes that drive the dynamics of heritable life history traits. I test this framework mainly on estuarine and marine animals (beach hoppers, ray-finned fish, manta rays and reef sharks). I also study how populations are affected by harvesting, fishing and environmental change, and investigate the evolution and maintenance of discrete, alternative phenotypes within single populations.. I have blog posts on some of my research results.

Also, as an academic, parent and partner, the issue of balance is frequently on my mind. On my blog here I share some of these reflections.

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