DAA is looking for works council candidates for the spring 2021 works council elections

DAA is looking for works council candidates for the upcoming OR elections
The DAA are the Amsterdam Academy (DAA), a worker participation association founded in 2017. We stand for critical but constructive worker participation at the University of Amsterdam. The DAA wants to present a list of candidates in all faculties for the elections to be held again in April 2021.

You will be given time for the Works Council, at least one day a week.
If you are elected as a candidate, you will be given at least one day a week to participate in the works council at the UvA. Your department will receive a full compensation for this. Together with other councillors, you agree or disagree with decisions of the faculty or university board, you advise the board, solicited or unsolicited, and you act as an intermediary between the work floor and the board. Being a council member is an excellent way to get to know your own faculty better, gain management experience and contribute to a better UvA. The term of office of board members is 3 years, but to give temporary staff influence, a shorter term at DAA is also possible.

Interested or questions? Let us know and we will contact you.
We can well imagine that it is not easy to understand what the works councils are doing and whether this suits you. In a personal conversation with a member of the DAA board or a sitting council member, we can investigate this with you. If you contact us (see below), we will organise an informal meeting.

What you need to know about the DAA
DAA is an alternative to the trade union lists that have always dominated works councils. The trade unions negotiate the primary and secondary terms of employment and thus stand up for employee interests. They do this through the VSNU and the local consultation with the board. We believe that works councils should have a broader perspective. We believe that works councils should have an eye for the UvA as a whole from the perspective of the employee. And in this we strive for good education, good research and good personnel policy. DAA was also founded in response to the last occupation of the Maagdenhuis. DAA disagreed with this occupation. We believe in a critical collaboration with the UvA board members and believe that there is still much to be improved at the UvA without radically changing the organisational model. Below are a number of links to articles about and from the DAA.DAA was very successful in the 2018 elections, both in the faculties and in the Central Works Counc il (COR), where DAA provides the chair and 5 out of 15 members.

Experiences of DAA members
In answer to the question of how our DAA board members like the membership, a few quotes:

Robert Zwitser, member OR FMG until December 2019: “My time in the OR has taught me a lot about the UvA, about how policy is made and how money is distributed. And I’ve noticed that if you immerse yourself in a case and put your thoughts down on paper, you can influence the proposals through substantive discussion”.

Isabel Smallegange, chairman of the OR FNWI: “I really enjoyed my chairmanship of the OR FNWI. I now understand much better how the faculty functions, and how we as a Works Council can contribute to that, not only through constructive discussions with the dean, but also through unsolicited advice on, for example, organisational structure, career paths and promotion law”.

Christine van Baalen, member of the FGw Works Council: “I have been a member of the Works Council since April of this year and I find it very interesting to see how employee participation is arranged at the university and in the faculty and how it works in practice. It is inspiring to work with motivated colleagues in the Works Council and to make a constructive contribution to the faculty’s policy”.


If you are interested or have any questions, you can contact

But you can also contact the other board members or board members of DAA. See http://www.deamsterdamseacademie.nl/intro/orleden/index.html for an overview.

Become a member!

Finally, we would like to point out that for €10 per year you can also become a regular member of the association DAA, with this you already support us enormously. See http://www.deamsterdamseacademie.nl/

Examples of articles about and from the DAA:

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